July 8, 2016

Basic Thai words

Thai boxing kick

Rawai Muay Thai fighter Ralph in action in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

The words listed below have been written as you would pronounce them in English or Spanish. We do not include the tone for the words as this can just confuse you further.

First Words in Thai

Hello = sawadi
Thank you (man says) = kob khun krap
Thank you (woman says) = kob khun ka
How are you? = khun sabai di mai?
I am fine thanks = (man says) pom sabai di krap.
I am fine thanks = (woman says) chan sabai di ka.
Basically women use “ka” at the end of a sentence¬†while men use “krap”.

How much? = tao arai
Where is the bathroom? hog nam yo ti nai?
Please help me = chuei dai mai?
can = dai
can’t = mai dai

welcome (as in welcome to my home) = yin dee krap / ka
Wait = roh sakru
I= pom (man)
I= chan (woman)
Come = ma
Come from = ma jak
I come from Australia = pom/chan ma jak pratet Australia
I love Thailand = pom/chan rak Meuang Thai.
I love you= pom/chan rak khun

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