July 8, 2016

Thai verbs

thai boxing title belt

Rawai Muay Thai fighter Gerri wins belt.

Some Thai verbs

to look = du
to see = hen
again = ik krang
to tell a lie = pud go hok
to make poo poo = ki
lies a lot = pud ki mak (literally “speaks poo a lot”)
to promise = hai sanya
sorry = ko tot
to sleep = non/ lap
to wake up = teun
go to sleep = lap ta (literally to close eyes)
dreams = fan
good night= lap fan di

have = mi
I have = pom/chan mi
I don’t have = pom/chan mai mi
you have = khun mi
you don’t have = khun mai mi
can not hear = mai dai yin
I can hear = pom/chan dai yin

to enter = kao
heart = jai
to understand = kao jai (literally to enter the heart)
don’t understand = mai kao jai

don’t know =mai ru
want = ao
don’t want = mai ao

to run = wing
to box = som muay
to see = du
to go = pai
to travel = pai tiao
go where = pai nai
go now = pai diaoni

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