July 8, 2016

More Thai Words

muay thai fight in thailand

Rawai Muay Thai boxer Suraj after his fight. Check out his opponent’s huge bump on the head.

More Thai words

water = nam
hard = keng
ice = nam keng (hard water)
hot = ron
hot water = nam ron
cold = yen
cold water = nam yen
waterfall = namtok
rain = fon
raining = fon tok
shower = abnam
toilet = hong nam
room= hong
where is the toilet? = hong nam yu nai?

maybe/perhaps = bang ti
play = len
speak = pud (pood)
funny = sanuk (sanook)
I know = pom/chan ru
I don’t know = pom/ chan mai ru
everything = took sing
large = yai
small = lek
fast = reu
slow = cha

now = ton ni
today = wan ni
tonight = keun ni
this morning = chao ni
tomorrow = prung ni
yesterday = meu wan
hour = mong
what time is it? = tonni gi mong?

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