July 8, 2016

Basic Thai

thai boxing technique

Female muay thai fight

Basic Vocabulary in Thai

I (man) = pom
I (woman) = chan

work = tam ngan
to want = ao
to not want = mai ao
I think = pom kid wa
why = tam mai
I am sick = pom/ chan mai sabai
good= di
heart= jai
happy = di jai (literally good heart)
I am happy = pom/ chan mi kuam suk; or pom/chan sabai di
I am not happy = pom/ chan mai sabai di

broken = sia
I am sad = pom/chan sia jai (literally I have a broken heart)
I am sorry = pom/ chan koh tot
I am confused = pom/chan sap son
never mind = mai pen rai
a lot/very = mak
hurt/pain = jeb
I am full = im leu
I forget = pom/ chan leum leu
where is = yu nai
over there = ti nun
here = ti ni
what= arai
when = meu arai
friend = peuang
good friend = peuang di
problem = pang ha
I have a problem = pom/chan mi pang ha

afraid = klua
frightened / scared = pom/chan klua
smells bad = min
good = di
very good = di mak
bad = mai di
weather = akas
hot weather = akas ron
cold wind = lom yen
strong wind = lom reng
bathroom/toilet = hong nam
shower = ab nam

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