July 8, 2016

Thai Time

francois wins belt

Rawai Muay Thai boxer Francois wins Patong Stadium belt.

Telling time in Thailand

“chao” means morning
“bai” means afternoon
“yen” means evening
“mong” mean hour

1 am = ti nung
2 am = ti song
3 am = ti sam
4 am = ti si
5 am = ti ha

6 am = hok mong chao
7 am = chet mong chao
8 am = pet mong chao
9 am = kao mong chao
10 am = sip mong chao
11 am = sip et mong
mid day = tian

1 pm = bai nung
2 pm = bai song
3 pm = bai sam

4 pm = si mong yen
5 pm = ha mong yen
6 pm = hok mong yen

7 pm = nung tum (pronounced toom)
8 pm = song tum
9 pm = sam tum
10 pm = si tum
11 pm = ha tum
midnight = tian kheun

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