July 8, 2016

Beginners Thai

Thai boxing title winner

Rawai Muay Thai boxer Chalam Kao wins belt.

Body Parts & Intro Phrases

eyes= ta
lips = pak
hand = meu
leg= ka
elbow= sok
to love= rak
face= na
pretty = na rak (literally lovely face)
beautiful = sway
hansome = loh
breasts = nom
kiss = jup
like = chob
you are very beautiful = khun sway mak
you are very pretty = khun na rak mak

what is your name? = khun cheu arai?
you have a beautiful smile = khun mi yim sway
happy to meet you = pom mi cuam suk ti dai pop khun
see you again = leu pop khun
do you have a boy friend? = khun mi fen leu mai?
I like you = pom/chan chob khun
what are you thinking? = khun kid arai?
I am shy = pom ki ai
you look good = khun sway di
you look beautiful = khun sway mak
I love you = pom/chan rak khun
go watch a movie = pai du nang
Come to eat = ma kin kao

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