Rawai Muay Thai has a restaurant that offers both Thai and Western food at affordable prices. You can eat for about 300-400 Baht per day. The cook is flexible and can offer vegetarian versions of the dishes.

The restaurant is located next to the swimming pool. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-6 Restaurant

Students eating breakfast

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-10 Restaurant

Watching our boxer on TV

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-8 Restaurant

Pad Thai

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-7 Restaurant

Tom Yam

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-2 Restaurant

Restaurant open Monday through Saturday

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-12 Restaurant

Enjoying a hot coffee after training

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-4 Restaurant

Stir Fry Shrimp

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-9 Restaurant

Cool drink by the pool

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-5 Restaurant

Cool drink by the pool

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant-1 Restaurant

Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

rawai-muay-thai-restaurant Restaurant

The gym restaurant is located next to the swimming pool

17814197_10155374701156264_3517054994601317284_o Restaurant

Reading a book by the pool