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Kru Tuk

Tuk is the eldest of four brothers. Tuk is actually his nick name, which he got at birth. As his mother was headed to the hospital, he was born right in the tuk tuk they were riding!

He started Thai boxing when he was nine years old. When he turned 12, he went to live in Bangkok, fighting out of Sor Ayupinda gym. He fought professionally for over 10 years. He boxed in all major stadiums in Bangkok and around Thailand, as well as abroad. He is the founder and owner of Rawai Muay Thai. Over the years, his brothers have helped to run the gym.

Tuk’s passion is to watch his students fight. He trains both Thai and foreign fighters. On his free time he enjoys fishing and spending time in the outdoors. Watch Tuk’s last professional fight.

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Kru Fin

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Kru Chanchai

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Kru Soleh

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Kru Padu

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Kru Lemsing

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