The people who train at Rawai Muay Thai come from all over the world. They come to learn Muay Thai in a friendly atmosphere, both for fun, fitness and competition. Muay Thai has increased in popularity and so more people want to learn in the birthplace of the sport.

At Rawai Muay Thai we have no age restrictions. From children to adults, everyone is welcome to train in our gym. We also accept students of all levels, from complete beginners to professional boxers. The classes are a fun way to workout and the camp atmosphere makes it easy to make new friends.

Below are some testimonials from our students.


Klaudia-training-at-Rawai-Muay-Thai Testimonials

Klaudia at the gym

Just wanted to let you know about how amazing it was to stay and train with your team for 2 weeks at Rawai Muay Thai.

Everyone is so friendly and easy going, all the teachers are so patient and I’ve learn so much from them. I have made some wonderful friends along this trip, I wish time wouldn’t fly so fast!

If you could pass my best wishes to all the staff and teachers, and let them know how grateful I am. Big THANK YOU to every single one of them.

I am back in Hong Kong now, getting ready for my trip to Europe.
But I am already planning my next trip to Thailand in October. Hopefully it will be possible and I will be back to train again with the whole team!

Until then, hope you and everyone in the camp is safe, in good health and happy.

Thank You Diana, and the team once again.

With warm regards.


Robert-kicking-pads-at-Rawai-Muay-Thai Testimonials

Robert training with Kru Fon

Dear Diana / Khru Tuk,

It has been a few days since my return to Singapore from Rawai Muay Thai.  I have to say it was one of the best experience of my life!

Not only was the staff and trainers friendly and helpful, some went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Please send my warmest thanks to all of them.. yourself and Kru Tuk included.

The children were incredibly lively and show a passion for life some adults cannot match, I am sure in time they will be destined for great things in life!

I have personally picked up a lot of humbling experiences that will help me in my life and some that I will pass on to my children as well.  Besides losing weight, which was part of my personal goal, I have also made a lot of friends which I am grateful for. Muay Thai has also changed for myself from part of a hobby and self-defense skill to a way of life. Training Muay Thai is physical, but living Muay Thai as a way of life is a humbling experience.

Warmest regards to you and family,

Robert Sim


JH-Kim-in-the-gym Testimonials

JH Kim at the camp

JH Kim trained at the gym for 5 weeks in 2015.

I’m finally a bit situated here in Hong Kong and I wanted to email you a personal “thank you” for all the help planning our trip, accommodations, etc… and just the amazing time Soo and I had a Rawai Muay Thai this past November and December!

This was my first trip to your country and to a traditional Muay Thai Camp in Thailand and words fall quite short of how much I loved your camp and all the things you guys are doing there at Rawai! I could tell right away that the camp was built by good people looking to do good things for their community and the people that come to train, study and learn the art of Muay Thai.

I don’t think I need to give too much praise about the training, trainers, the Muay Thai teaching and the AMAZING natural location that Khao Lak is, as many others have sung Rawai’s praises and it was one of the major reasons I decided on Rawai (a proper traditional Muay Thai Camp run by Thais away from the craziness of other locations ie. Phuket, Bangkok) but it was the other little things that Rawai does that really impressed me and earned my respect. The fact that the gym is so closely invested in the community of Khao Lak, that Tuk would promote and put on the Fight Night on November 28 to raise a lot of money for a much needed rain covering for the local school; the trip that a group of Rawai guys took to the local Orphanage in Takua Pa to drop off money and supplies raised from the camp’s on-site restaurant, Ring Five; the fact that the whole atmosphere of Rawai is family oriented not only for the Thais but promoted to all those who come from every corner of the globe to learn such a special martial art, this was all an unexpected and deeply pleasant discovery about Rawai Muay Thai! Thank you very much for the life experience and teaching you do there!

Looking forward already to my next trip back to Rawai in 2016!

Blessing to you and all those helping to run Rawai! We’ll be back soon!

All the best,



natalia-opatova-training-rawai-muay-thai Testimonials

Natalia training with Kru Dam

Natalia training with Dam, March 2015.

Me and my friends just returned from your camp  and I thought I will drop you an email to say how much we have enjoyed our stay. It was my first stay there and I absolutely loved it. Everyone is just so nice. The camp and accommodation are fantastic and I just cant praise the trainers enough. I came as a beginner and they were very patient and understanding. They are all great guys and work really hard. I am already planning my next stay as Muay Thai is a bit addictive 🙂 As soon as I know when can I come I will be in touch.

Take care and again thank you very much for organizing everything for us.

Natalia Opatova


bobby-pysar-training-rawai-muay-thai Testimonials

Bobby training with Kru On

Bobby Pysar training with On, February 2014.

Hey Diana, this is Bobby the guy with all the tattoos that recently left the camp ha ha. Just wanted to say HUGE THANKS to you, Tuk and all your staff and trainers. I had the greatest experience there and have told everyone I know about Rawai. I’m thinking of coming back out to possibly move there, finding a job and place, I liked it so much. The people, food and chill vibe won me over in every way.

I wish you and the camp the best, hope to possibly see you soon!

Bobby Pysar


muaythai-vip-class Testimonials

Steve training in the gym

stepehn-blaschack-at-the-gym Testimonials

cleardot TestimonialsSteve Blaschack at Rawai Muay Thai, March 2014.

Good Morning, my name is Steve Blaschak. I attended your training camp from March 9 through March 23 of this year.  I just want to express my greatest appreciation and gratitude to you, your staff and trainers for making my stay such a fantastic time. I consider it an invaluable experience. Fin, Lun and Dam provided me with very highly skilled teachings and techniques that have left a lasting impression on me. I have nothing but high praises for them. I have returned to the states as I had been previously based in Afghanistan. I am continuing my training and sincerely look forward to a return to Khao Lak to train with you again. Attached is a picture of Dom and myself inspecting the new tattoo I got during my stay in Khao Lak. I’m sure you will recognize the Rawai Logo that I proudly wear and display whenever possible. Thank You again.


Alfred and Doris

rawai-muay-thai-students Testimonials

Alfred and Doris with Kru Pak.

Alfred and Doris with Trainer Peck, February, 2015

In January and February we trained at Rawai Muay Thai Camp.
Now back at home our skills are better and we are still impressed from the hospitality in Rawai camp. We learned a lot thanks to all trainers especially to Peck, Soleh and Dam for their really enthusiastic training lessons.
Thanks to all and we hope to see you again next year.

Greetings from Austria
Doris and Alfred


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