October 6, 2017


Detox Kit for Athletes

Many athletes who train competitively suffer from fatigue, injuries, poor endurance and lack of energy. Athletes who consume synthetic health supplements can suffer from liver toxicity, constipation, bloating, allergies and estrogenic compound build up within the body. Eating large amounts of animal protein can result in high levels of nitrogen and acidity.

A detox kit can help to maximize athletic performance by vamping up your energy, removing excess Estrogen and of course reducing toxins and lowering acidity. Thus the body can reset itself and return to an anabolic state.

Our detox kit is easy to use. The program is 4 days only. You can do it in the privacy or your room.

detox program to lose weight

Detox Kit for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not the purpose of the detox program but it is often a welcomed side effect. Commencing a cleanse kit program is the perfect way to kick start your weight loss plan. Excessive amounts of toxins stored in the organs, intestinal tract and visceral fat can obstruct weight loss and hinder your progress.

During your cleanse you will be provided with a concentrated amount of organic nutritional supplements to support the body’s needs. Although most people do lose a substantial amount of weight, the entire process is completed in safe and sensible manner.

In addition to losing toxicity and unwanted stubborn fat, you will notice a positive change in the quality of your skin, hair and nails, an increase in energy, a reduction of cellulite, greater mental focus and a new euphoric feeling that will make you feel alive again.

Detox Kits to Regain Your Health

We live in a stressful world. Many people wake up feeling tired already. We start the day with stimulants, eat dead and heavily processed foods, smoke and drink too much, work long hours, spend hours sitting at the computer and have little or no energy remaining for exercise.

It is no wonder that people get sick, depressed and stressed out. Participating in a good detoxification program can give your body a well-deserved break from everything toxic, a rest from poor eating habits and harmful addictions. It’s an opportunity that permits the body to move its focus on getting the bad stuff out, on elimination of the harmful toxins, pathogens, bacteria and parasites that may be residing in your body.

The Cleanse Cafe home detox kits can help you rest, rejuvenate and revitalize, giving you the motivation to continue on a path towards an exceptional level of health and vitality.

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