In this page you can see photos of our trainers, studentsmuay thai fights, the gym area, the pool, the restaurant, tattoo shop and the massage shop.


Rawai Muay Thai currently has 15 Trainers (Kru). Tuk, the owner of the camp, has 165 fights. His brother Fin is the head trainer. Other trainers include Muay Thai Grandmaster Chanchai Sor Tummarangsi, winner of Lumpini and Rajadamnern Stadium Belts. Krus Soleh and Padu are Muay Boran Specialists. They have performed Muay Boran exhibitions all around the country. Kru Boon is Tuk’s original teach, when he was just learning to fight in Bangkok. Boon has trained many fighters to become champions. Kru Dam who is the former South Thailand Champion at 135 Lbs, still fights on occasion.


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Over the years many people have taken photos of the Rawai Muay Thai family. This video is a small tribute to three photographers who have made a large contribution to our story: Sophie Martin, Aga Luszak and Jim Welch. Rawai Muay Thai thanks you for you time, your work and dedication.


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Rawai Muay Thai camp has a large gym area with 4 boxing rings 7 X 7 meters in size. There are 19 kick bags, large mirrors with mat areas, fitness room and men and women’s locker rooms with showers and bathrooms.


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restaurant menu
restaurant menurestaurant menuThe gym restaurant is called Good for You. It is open daily from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, and closed on Wednesdays. It offers both Thai and Western food at affordable prices. You can eat for about 300-400 Baht per day. The dishes are healthy food, like salads, wraps and fresh fruit smoothies, protein shakes, etc. The cook is flexible and can offer vegetarian versions of the dishes. The restaurant offers meal plans as well, weekly and monthly options. For more details see our meal plan section.

The restaurant is located next to the swimming pool. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Rawai Muay Thai has a beautiful pool in the center of the camp. The swimming pool measures 5 X 15 meters (15 X 45 feet), perfect for laps or just lazying in the cool water after a hard training session. The pool is open to all Rawai Muay Thai guests. Please use the shower by the side of the pool before swimming.

The camp restaurant is located next to the pool. Students enjoy fresh coconuts by the pool on sunny days. There are tables and chairs as well as sun beds all around the pool. When sun bathing please remember to wear sunscreen, as the Thailand sun is strong.


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Getting a Thai tattoo is a special experience. We are lucky to have Songkran Nilchai, a talented tattoo artist, working in Rawai Muay Thai camp. You can contact him directly in the shop or by appointment: 061-187-0322 (mobile). Here is some of his work.


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