Rawai Muay Thai

in Khao Lak, Thailand


About Us

At Rawai Muay Thai we teach Thai Boxing, obviously, but more than that, we offer people a chance to live and learn from the Thais and to be part of their culture. Muay Thai is not just a sport, it is a way of life. After a few days in the camp you can feel this very strongly, and begin to take part in the Muay Thai lifestyle.

Rawai Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai gym, owned and operated by Thai people. Tuk, the owner of the gym, was a fighter and now teaches to the new generation of boxers. His brothers all have helped in the gym, and most of the trainers also competed in the professional boxing arena. Growing up as a boxer Tuk met many other athletes, some of whom have come to teach with us and form part of our team.

The facilities at Rawai are perfect for training daily and relaxing. The gym has 4 large boxing rings, 19 kick/punching bags. Large mirrors and mat floor. Weight room and locker room with showers. We also have a swimming pool, restaurant, massage shop, gear shop and scooters for rent. See photos of our facilities.

Our gym has been around for a long time. We were one of the first gyms in Thailand to teach everyone who was willing to learn, not only male Thai fighters. We are proud to have been trailblazers in the opening up of this wonderful sport, to women especially, who were barred from gyms in the past. We were located in Phuket, but after 10 years, we moved to Khao Lak. Read more about our gym history.

Phuket has grown and is too busy, in our opinion. To focus on your training, you need a quiet place, with few distractions. Khao Lak is just that, set in the Andaman Coast, it offers nice beaches to relax in, lush vegetation and a small town with enough amenities to make your stay enjoyable.

Lastly you can keep up to date with our fighters in the Fight News. We sponsor Thai fighters from a young age. We pay for their accommodation, training, food and travel expenses so they can have successful careers as Thai fighters. Part of your training fees are used to help these young athletes achieve their dreams.

The Gym Reopens

Thailand is now fully reopened. No more paperwork to fill out, no more hassle. No more tests to take or masks to wear! So it’s time to pack your bags and book your flights. The gym is fully reopened as well. Our bungalows are waiting for you. To make a booking just email us: info@rawaimuaythai.com 

“When I get to the camp, it feels like home.”


Rawai Muay Thai offers more than just excellent training. The camp has excellent facilities to help make your stay more enjoyable. Starting with the accommodation: the rooms on-site fit all budgets. Choose from deluxe private accommodation to budget dorm-style rooms. Next, we have the pool-side restaurant, which offers Thai and Western dishes at affordable prices. Moving on to the large swimming pool next to the restaurant where you can do laps or float around. And don’t forget to book your Thai massage with Namfon. A good massage is a must after a tiring Muay Thai class.

The camp also has a gym shop with all the gear and apparel you need to train: gloves, shorts, hand wraps, shin guards, singlets and more. You can also order custom shorts and more specialized gear not in the shop. Just ask the gym staff to help you. We also sell protein in the shop. Ask the shop staff to show you the list of protein products we sell from Musashi. Finally, we have scooters for rent to get around Khao Lak, and we also offer a taxi service. We can pick you up at Phuket airport, anytime, day or night. Just contact us for more details.

Amazing Location

Finally, Rawai Muay Thai is located in the beautiful and quiet seaside town of Khao Lak, about 1 hour North of busy Phuket. This is the ideal location for your Muay Thai training holiday for those who want to party less and train more. The camp is surrounded by tropical jungle and close to nearly empty beaches. The facilities are modern and comfortable, including spacious rooms, a swimming pool, restaurantmassage hut and WiFi throughout the camp.

Authentic Thai Trainers

Thirdly, the trainers make the gym a special place. We are lucky to have a great team of dedicated trainers who love to teach. Our Muay Thai Trainers teach the proper Muay Thai techniques, in a friendly and patient manner. We have a reputation for focusing on the quality of the Muay Thai training which has made us well known around the world.

Values Tradition

Another reason that makes Rawai unique is its focus on tradition. Rawai Muay Thai is a traditional gym. We value tradition and Muay Thai customs. Tuk, and his brothers, who all fought professionally, were brought up in fighting gyms in Bangkok. So, in addition to the top-notch Muay Thai training available in our gym, we emphasize other aspects of Thai Boxing such as Muay Boran and the Wai Kru ceremony, which is performed before every Muay Thai fight. Furthermore, Rawai Muay Thai is also one of the few camps in Thailand that offers a Pad Holding Certificate. For those advanced students who might teach back home, this is a must.

Thai Owned and Operated Gym

Secondly, many gyms in Thailand are foreign-owned. The boom in Muay Thai tourism in the early 2000s has led to significant foreign capital investment in Thailand gyms. But Rawai Muay Thai has been owned and managed by Thai people from the start. Tuk (Sakeddao Sor Ayupinda), the owner of RMT, founded the gym in 2003. It was one of the first gyms in Thailand to teach foreigners and women. You can read more about the gym history here.

Friendly Atmosphere

Are you looking for good quality Muay Thai Training? People from all over have been training at Rawai Muay Thai since 2003. We are one of the most popular Thai boxing camps in Thailand. But why? What’s so special about us that is hard to find in other gyms? The answer might surprise you. Rawai Muay Thai is not just a gym. It is a family.

Above all, Rawai Muay Thai is a family of trainers, staff and students from all over the world who live together and share a passion for Muay Thai. Students who come back year after year always mention the family atmosphere in the camp. They feel like there are “coming home”. Training with us is not just a sport or exercise; it’s a life experience that you will never forget.

Crazy Discounts

For guests staying 2 months or longer in the camp we are currently offering a 20% discount on training. The normal monthly rate is 10,000 Baht, but with the discount it is only 8,000 Baht. This covers all group classes (12 classes per week). 

Reasons People do Muay Thai

Why do people train Muay Thai? Firstly, most people want to improve their fitness and to lose weight.  Muay Thai provides an excellent workout that will burn lots of calories. Another reason is to get more fighting experience. Thailand is great for this. There are fights often, so there are many chances to fight. In other countries, you sometimes have to wait months to get a fight, but we can organize a contest for you in a week. Finally, some people train with us to get certified to teach Muay Thai back home. We offer a pad-holding course that is just 10 hours long. You learn the best practices and the proper Thai Style of pad holding.

  • To improve fitness 40% 40%
  • To lose weight 30% 30%
  • To get fighting experience 20% 20%
  • To get certified 10% 10%

Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Besides getting fit, losing weight and building muscle, Muay Thai has other benefits that are very important. First of all, learning to control your body and to protect yourself is an incredible booster in confidence. Especially for people who have experienced bullying or been victims of violence, Muay Thai can be therapeutic. Secondly, the high impact aspect of the training is a great stress reliever. Nothing beats a good session of punching and kicking to get your mind away from the worries in your life. Finally, a nice benefit to training together is making friends. Rawai Muay Thai is a friendly gym that welcomes everyone and you can meet people from all sorts of life and from all over the world.

  • confidence boost 30% 30%
  • stress relief 50% 50%
  • make friends 90% 90%

Muay Thai Classes

Have you always wanted to try Muay Thai Boxing but thought that it was only for professional fighters? Maybe you were scared to go into a Muay Thai gym for fear of being ridiculed or turned away for lack of experience or for being too fat, old, weak? At Rawai Muay Thai, we have always wanted to share our love for the Thai National Sport with everyone. Men and women from any country, of any level, from complete beginners to professional fighters, are welcome to train with us. People of all ages can join our group classes or take private lessons. Everyone is welcome to train with us.

There are more and more people doing Muay Thai every day. Not only is it a fun way to exercise, but it helps to relieve stress and builds up your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. In particular, women have noticed the benefits of taking self-defense classes, and Muay Thai fits right into that.

We offer daily Muay Thai group classes. The morning class starts at 8:00 am and the afternoon class at 4:00 pm. These classes last about 2 hours and include warm-up, shadow boxing, pad work, bag work, technique, drills, stretching and cool down. We teach different techniques each day. Some days we do clinching, others we focus on Western boxing. We try to mix it up. Everyone trains together, although we do separate by levels during some drills, like sparring and clinching.

More Classes

muay thai private lesson

Muay Boran

Tradition and respect are at the basis of Muay Boran. Learn this ancient Thai martial art. Private lessons 700 Baht each. You can also take a Full Muay Boran Course with Certificate. Read more.

wai kru
certificate icon

Pad Holding

Learn the proper way to hold pads and get certified. This course is intended for intermediate and advanced students. Course length is 10 hours and costs 10,000 Baht. Learn more about the course.

pad holding certificate
boxing ring icon

Fight Training

Always wanted to fight in Thailand? Live the dream! Join our fight training program. It’s hard but so worth it. No extra cost, but you must ask our head trainer for permission to join. Read more.

muay thai fighter

Training Prices

Muay Thai Classes

Class: 300 Baht
Day: 600 Baht
Week: 3,000 Baht
Month: 10,000 Baht

(20% discount on training now)

Certificate Courses

Pad Holding/Muay Boran Course
10,000 Baht
10 hours long
Certificate if you pass.

Private Lessons

1 Lesson:
700 Baht
11 Lessons:
7,000 Baht 

Other Prices

rent a scooter



hire a taxiPhuket airport pick-up & drop-off:

1,200 Baht (each way).


cold bath

massage prices

More Information

If you are interested in training with us you can read our Frequently Asked Questions page. It is full of information that you might need to know before coming to Thailand. You can also read more about us, our gym history, our trainers, fighters and gym services here. Check out our Gallery with photos and videos of the gym and camp.  We also include a brief Thai Language section, with basic Thai words and Muay Thai words for those interested in learning a few words in Thai. Might come in handy. Finally we offer our website in Spanish, Italian, French and German. Diana, who answers the emails, speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

training certificate


I recently did a short training stint at Rawai with one of my friends. I had an excellent experience training under the careful guidance of their knowledgeable staff. I used to hear from other people that some of the trainers in Thailand don’t care about the students, but this was certainly not the case at Rawai. I felt as though the Thai trainers at Rawai really cared about each person’s progression, and you can witness the sheer joy and passion in their faces as they teach something they love to someone willing to listen and learn. The rest of the camp was great: location, accommodation and gear shop all made for a wonderful time. I’ll be back!

Katarina Genc

Owner and Head Trainer, KickFit Haven

I’ve been training all over Thailand for 6 years. This is the first time I’ve been to Khao Lak, and I have always intended on training at Rawai Muay. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a professional, friendly, happy gym with a real family vibe about it. All of the trainers were brilliant with me, my wife and especially my 3 year old son. It’s a holiday we will never forget as a family, and we’re already looking at booking for next year. Thank you, everyone, at Rawai Muay Thai.

Aaron Dimon

Watford, United Kingdom

I came for a week at stayed for 6. I guess that says enough. Very friendly staff and trainers. The one thing I was surprised about is the balance between men and women. In my time here it has been about 50/50 which was really nice to see. People train at their own pace. Some train really hard and others are a bit more relaxed like myself. A great place to do either. Many people keep coming back to Rawai Muay Thai and I am sure I’ll be one of them.

Tom Sam

Shanghai, China