Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the most frequently asked questions we get at Rawai Muay Thai and the answers. Please read through carefully. If you still have questions about training with us, or making a booking, or anything else, feel free to contact us. We reply within 24 hours.

Do you accept students of any level?

Yes, we teach people of all levels, from complete beginners to professional boxers. Men and women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds are welcome in our gym. Don’t be intimidated to join our classes if you have never boxed before. Our trainers are kind, patient and can teach you from scratch.

How much does training cost?

We offer group classes twice a day. They cost:

  • 300 Baht per class
  • 600 Baht daily
  • 3,000 Baht weekly
  • 10,000 Baht monthly

We also offer private lessons. These last about 1 hour and cost 700 baht.

For intermediate and advanced students who want to learn to hold the pads, we also offer a Muay Thai Pad Holding Course. It consists of 10 private lessons with at last 2 teachers. The course costs 10,000 Baht.

We also offer a Muay Boran course. This course is 10 hours long (10 private lessons) and costs 10,000 Baht. We are one of the few gyms in Thailand that teach Muay Boran, so take advantage of it. At the end of the course you get a signed certificate, if you pass.

What gear do I need to train?

You will need gloves, hand wraps and shin guards. You can wear any type of shorts but most people choose to wear Muay Thai shorts and singlets (tops). The training is done barefoot but some people like to go for a run before class, so bring your running shoes too. If you don’t have Muay Thai gear, don’t worry. You can buy it in our gym shop. We sell all the gear you need to train. Our apparel has the Rawai Muay Thai logo and makes for nice souvenirs. We sell Twins gloves in the gym shop as well as our own brand.of gloves and hand wraps.

If you want to do sparring you can use mouth guards. We sell them in our gym shop too. If you want some gear that we don’t offer we can order it for you from Bangkok. Just speak to the gym office staff for assistance.

Do you organize fights?

Yes, we organize fights for our guests. If you are interested in fighting please speak to Tuk or Fin. It usually takes between 2 or 3 weeks to organize a fight as we need to find an appropriate opponent and schedule you into a stadium. Our students fight mostly in stadiums in Khao Lak and Phuket. For advanced boxers we can organize fights in Bangkok in the prestigious Lumpini and Rajadamnern Stadiums.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

Yes, we can pick you up in Phuket airport. The ride to the camp takes about 1 hour and costs 1,200 Baht. For three or more people in a group we pick you up in a minivan which costs 1,500baht. To organize your airport transfer please email your flight itinerary to:

When is the best time to visit?

We are open year-round. The high season runs from mid October to May. This is when the weather is sunniest. It tends to rain more during the low season, from June to September.

Do you offer discounts?

Long term discounts: We offer discounts for people staying long term in the camp. Discounts are based on a case by case basis so please inquire by email: or in the gym office. 

Seasonal discounts: We offer discounts in the low season, between May and September. Inquire in the gym office or by email. 

Do you have scooters for rent?

Yes, we have scooters for rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

125 cc scooters

  • 200 Baht / day
  • 1,200 Baht / week
  • 4,500 Baht / month


150 cc scooters

  • 300 Baht / day
  • 1,800 Baht / week
  • 6,500 Baht / month

If you prefer to ride a bicycle there is a shop in town that rent;s them. We can take you to get one. Bicycles run about 100 Baht per day.


Can I pay with Credit Card?

We only accept cash in the gym. There are ATM machines in the airport and all around town. Some students use Wise (formerly Transferwise) to pay for the room and training. Email us for more details about this option.

Do I need a visa to go to Thailand?

Most people can come into Thailand without a visa (but not everyone!). It depends on your passport. Check out the latest list of countries that don’t need a visa to enter Thailand. If your passport is not on the list then you need a visa to enter Thailand.

If your passport is on the list then you get 30 days upon landing in Thailand. If you decide you want to stay longer you can apply for an extension of an additional 30 days at the immigration office in Phang Nga or you can do a visa run.

If you want to stay in Thailand for 2 or 3 months, it’s a good idea to apply for a tourist visa before you come.  You can do so online at any Thai embassy or consulate website. This visa is easy to get and it is good for 60 days. Then you can extend it for an additional 30 days when you are in Thailand, by visiting the local immigration office in Phang Nga.



Can I check in late?

Yes, but you need to tell us in advance so we can wait up for you. It’s a good idea to let us know that you will be arriving late. Just email:

Do you offer meal plans?

No, we don’t offer meal plans.

Where can I eat?

is is a common worry about people coming to the gym. Where can they eat and can they find healthy options or even vegetarian dishes in the camp? Some people love Thai food but for others it can be a bit spicy and prefer Western dishes. 

There are two restaurants on the gym road and more around the corner where our students and trainers like to eat.

Right next to the gym you will find Lao Leu. It serves mostly Thai food, with some fresh seafood and sashimi. Enjoy a cold beer overlooking the view of the river. The restaurant is built like a tree house, overlooking the bamboo fields. 

We are lucky to have Tik’s Restaurant down the gym road. This is a popular option for dinner. Tik has been a longtime friend of ours. She has a lovely personality and offers cooking lessons too. Just ask her. She offers both Thai and western food. If you have any allergies please speak with Tik and she can tailor dishes to your needs. 

 Around the corner there is another from the gym, to the left, there is a little hut that offers breakfast only. Sit down, don’t be shy, and don’t worry about ordering. They have only one dish, Kanom Jin, noodles. You can add fresh vegetables and sauce. It is a popular breakfast hangout for our trainers as it’s cheap and provides a healthy meal full of fiber. They also have tea and coffee available.

Around the corner from Tik’s, turning right, you will find Das Meer. The are open for dinner. The food is tasty and a popular hang out for local expats.  

Further down, towards town you will find the night markets. You can eat there or buy food and take home. There is a morning market where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as prepared food. There is also an afternoon market near the gym where you can find all sorts of goods and specialty foods. Enjoy mangoes, coconuts, durian, and all the local produce at cheap prices.  

 Also there is a 7/11 and a Lotus near the gym. They are open 24 hours.  There is also a gas station, the only gas station in Khao Lak. It closes at 8:00 PM so get your scooters filled before that. 

Other Languages

People from all over the world train with us. The classes are taught in English. Diana, who responds to emails, speaks Spanish, French and Italian as well. You can read our website in Spanish, Italian, French and German.

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