Students who want to have a professional fight in Thailand can come to Rawai Muay Thai to prepare. Our teachers can help get you in the best shape of your life. The fighter training is rigorous, running twice a day and gym training twice a day. But the reward of fighting in a stadium with an audience is worth it. We have sponsored boxers who live and train in the gym daily. Our foreign students who want to fight need to first speak with either Kru Tuk or Kru Fin to get approval.

Our students fight in stadiums all over Thailand. Our best boxers have fought in Bangkok’s famous Lumpini and Rajadamnern stadiums, as well as on TV channels 3, 7 and 9. We take videos of our boxers when they fight. We like to make the videos available to everyone. We try to upload all fights, win or lose. All Rawai Muay Thai fight videos are available on our Rawai Muay Thai You Tube Channel. We currently have 1,500 videos online. Here are a few of our favorite videos:

Tepwarit fights in Lumpini Stadium

Tepwarit fights in Rajadamnern.

Madsing fights in Lumpni

Tuk’s last fight.

Tepwarit training with Tuk in the old gym in Phuket.


Buakaw vs Namsaknoi, Exhibition Fight


Tepwarit wins by KO

Wangna, young fighter in Lumpini.

Trainer Dam’s fabulous front kick.

            Trainer Dam, broken nose

Lemsing, living legend.

               Mongkunpet, rising star

               Training in the gym

Trainer Padu Fights in Phuket


Trainer On in Lamken Temple Fair.