July 8, 2016

Boxing words in Thai

female muay thai student

Rawai Muay Thai boxer Rachel from the USA.

Boxing vocabulary:

Thai boxing = Muay Thai
fighter = nakmuay
warrior = nak su
boxing stadium = sanam muay
boxing ring = veti muay (vaytee muay)
boxing = som muay
fighting = chock muay
red corner = fai deng
blue corner = fai namnung
Ram Muay (Wai Kru) = the dance performed before the fight
teacher = kru
Boxing teacher = kru (or ajan)
boxing gym = kai muay

round = yok
1st round = yok ti nung
2nd round = yok ti song
3rd round = yok ti sam
4th round = yok ti si
5th round = yok ti ha
pair = ku
first pair = ku ti nung
main fight = ku ek

elbow = fansok
uppercut elbow = tapmala
kick = teh
front kick = teep
knee = kao
punch = mat
jab = yab

right = gua
left = sai (pronounced sigh)
gloves = nuam
boxing oil = naman muay
hand wraps = pad meu
mouth guard = fang yang

fast = reu
slow = sha

boxing = muay
to box= som muay
punch = chok
to win = chanak
to lose = peh
good luck = chok di

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