June 23, 2018

Madsing wins first fight of MX Muay Xtreme Tournament 2018

Rawai Muay Thai fighter Madsing is participating in this year’s MX Muay Xtreme Tournament in Bangkok. He has moved up a weight class in order to take part. He normally fights at 62 Kg but this tournament is at 67 Kg. He fought against Ghokan, a boxer from Turkey who trained at Tiger Muay Thai for this event. The fight was 3 rounds and Madsing won by decision. He went down in the first round, from a punch to the head, but got back up and and fought hard, kicking a lot especially in the last round. He said he saw stars from the impact but was able to regain his footing and finish the round. He was stronger int eh second round and kicked non-stop int he last round to take the fight.

He moves on to the semifinals.