Muay Thai Gear Shop

To train at Rawai Muay Thai you will need: gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, shorts and singlets. You can bring your own gear or buy it in our gym shop. Some sample prices are:

  • gloves – 1,700 Baht
  • hand wraps – 400 Baht
  • shin guards – 850 Baht
  • shorts (1,000 Baht)
  • singlets (350 Baht)

We sell only authentic Muay Thai gear from reputable companies like Twins, Top King and Fighter brands. Our gloves have the Rawai Muay Thai logo on them. They are made in the Fighter factory and have the same high quality standard as the other brands. They last long and can take a beating. To keep your gloves in great condition, keep them clean, and dry. Here in Thailand it is quite humid but after each class the trainers like to put their gear in the sun to dry and keep them free of bacteria. You can use leather oil on the outside to keep the gloves in top shape.

Donating used gear

Sometimes our students like to donate their old gear before they leave. We welcome any donations as old gear can still be used by our young boxers in the camp. The camp sponsors many young boxers who live and train daily. They can make good use of donated gear and clothing.

What about shoes?

The classes in the gym are done barefoot. But bring your running shoes as some people like to go for runs before class. For those joining the fighter training then definitely bring your running shoes as you will be running twice a day.

Custom Shorts

Some people like to have shorts with their name on it. You can order your own custom Muay Thai shorts in the gym office. Print out the form below and give it to the gym office when you arrive. Shorts take about 1 week to make. The shorts come in two different materials: satin or nylon. Satin is thicker, nylon is lighter but more see through. Nylon shorts are nice for daily training, while satin shorts are better for fighting, more shiny and not see through. You can customize different areas in the shorts (1-6) with your name or whatever writing you want. Usually our shorts say Rawai in area 1 (front,middle).  

muay thai custom shorts order form