The Best Khao Lak Massage

If you wish to train hard and get the best results possible during your stay here at Rawai Muay Thai then you have to learn to recover hard as well. Training Muay Thai twice a day can be a tremendous toll on your body, especially if you are not used to training at all. To avoid overtraining we recommend getting at least 2 to 3 massages a week. There are many benefits to regular massage therapy.

Reduces Stress

When you train hard you produce a stress hormone called Cortisol. Too much Cortisol in your system can hamper your performance and compromise your immune system. Learning to keep this in check will lead to better and faster results. See the Stress Bucket to learn more about this.

Recover Quicker

There is nothing like waking up for early morning Muay Thai Training with muscles that are so sore and stiff, you can barely stand up straight. A regular massage can help the muscles relax, speeding up their recovery time and reducing muscle soreness, so you can keep training hard.

Improve Mobility, Flexibility and Posture

Whether you trained all your life or have spent most of your days sitting down in an office job, we all have muscle imbalances that lead to postural and mobility issues. Without keeping these in check any training you do can emphasis those imbalances. Getting a regular Thai Massage is a great way to even out those imbalances, couple that with our Yoga Class and you will be well on your way to the perfect posture. Luckily at Rawai Muay Thai, we have the best Khao Lak massage. The massage shop at Rawai Muay Thai the camp is called The Blue Tree. Here you can find healing and relaxation. After a few hard workouts, your body will be sore. There is nothing better to relieve the pain and stiffness than a good Thai Massage. Namfon has a gift for figuring out just what your aching body needs. She is an amazing masseuse. You can visit our Facebook Page for more photos and videos of the massage shop in the camp.