Years of Waiting

Always wanted to train in Thailand but too afraid to do it and have been putting it off? That’s what happens to many people who have a dream but for whatever reason, can’t live it. Job, school family, all get in the way and the dream keeps getting put on hold, year after year. That’s what happened to Jed, from England, who had never boxed before, but in the back of his mind he yearned to try it. It was his dream to travel to Thailand and learn from traditional Muay Thai teachers. After years of thinking about it, he finally booked his trip. Here is the first-hand account of how his Muay Thai adventure went.

Tickets Booked

“I first thought about traveling to Thailand to learn Muay Thai years ago. I had never boxed before but wanted to improve my fitness, lose weight and have the ultimate world travel experience. I first thought about coming to Thailand in 2013 and I was nervous and kept putting it off until late 2015. I finally went through with it. I booked my flights and sent an email to Diana from Rawai Muay Thai. She booked a room for me in the camp and organized the airport pick up service. The booking process was easy and straightforward.

Dream Come True

I arrived at Rawai Muay Thai in October 2016 and stayed 1 month. To my relief, I was greeted with a warm welcome by all the trainers and students. My initial nervousness stopped and I immediately joined in the Saturday afternoon class. I found one month was not enough so I then came back for 3 more months, from January to March 2018. As my level rose I felt confident enough to join the fighter training. The gym organized a professional Muay Thai fight for me. The training was hard but very rewarding.

One amazing aspect I find about the gym is that the trainers are so family orientated and they have a real good passion for teaching and seeing you better yourself. Rawai Muay Thai is a perfect gym to bring your family and kids of all ages. There is loads to do in Khao Lak. With its central location, situated in Phang Nga, you have good access in all directions of Thailand and to all the trips to all the islands, national parks and waterfalls. I find Khao Lak really relaxing, friendly, tranquil and full of authentic and spicy Thai food. I find coming here and training at Rawai Muay Thai addictive and will continue to come here for as long as I can.”

Jed kirby, Newcastle, England