Latest Fight Results: It was a good week for our Thai boxers, all winning their events. Our new boxer Kropet, fought in the local stadium in Khao Lak. He started slow but was dominating by round 4 and won by KO. You can watch the video of the last round here below:

Jaroenrit Rawai Muay Thai, one of our elite boxers, had an uphill battle against a more well-known boxer, Pet Chawalit from Petchyindee Academy. In fact, after round 3, the betting odds were 50-1 against us. But Jaroenrit was not fazed and kept going strong, sweeping his opponent in the 4th round and winning by decision. A very happy fan who bet big on us gave Jaroenrit a 55,000 Baht tip after the fight. Below is the video:

Finally, our elite fighter, Madsing Rawai Muay Thai, entered the MX Muay Xtreme Tournament. He faced Yousef Gorgis in the first round. His opponent, fighting out of Absolute MMA in Phuket, did not make weight but the promoter let him fight anyways. Madsing won by TKO in the first round. Here is the video:

If you are interested in training and fighting in Thailand you are welcome to join our team. To improve your Muay Thai skills you need to train with the local fighters. For more information you can email us: