Benefits of Yoga for Men­

Yoga’s popularity continues to grow not only to the female population but surprisingly to males as well. Men who practice Yoga jumped from 4 million in 2012 to 10 million in 2016 in the U.S., according to a study by Yoga Journal and Yoga alliance.

One of the compelling reasons for this trend are the numerous benefits of Yoga for men. Aside from better physical health, Yoga is also known to improve one’s mental health. Yoga, which means “union” in Hindu, tries to unite the mind and body through different stretches, poses, breathing techniques and meditation.

In recent years, Yoga is breaking away from the stigma that “tough” men should avoid it. Male athletes from highly competitive sports like NBA players Kevin Love, Shaquille O’ Neal and even Lebron James are some of the famous yoga practitioners. NFL players like Ray Lewis and MLB standout Evan Longoria are also on this list.

Many athletes worldwide have also noted that Yoga has helped them perform better in their respective sports. Yoga is also known to remove toxins from the body, sharpen your mental focus, and acts as a support for other exercises among others. Hence, the benefits of Yoga for male athletes and even regular people are almost infinite.

Below are some of the benefits of Yoga for men that you can also get once you immerse yourself in this routine:

Correct Body Imbalances

Many workouts and exercises tend to focus on specific muscle groups. Running, for example, focuses on leg muscles, the hips and other lower body part. This practice leaves numerous muscle groups and body parts to be untapped and results in muscle imbalance in the long run.

The various stretches and poses of Yoga reignites these neglected muscles and puts them back to use. Thus, strengthening tight and weak muscles and correcting other body imbalances. Doing so, it also extends the body’s range of motion and improves blood circulation.

Improves Air Circulation and Brain Function

Yoga benefits men’s health in several ways. Its breathing techniques can help a person take in deeper, and fuller breathes. An average person can only use 10 to 20-percent of his full breathing capacity. Yoga breathing techniques can help you get more air from your breath and avoid several health problems related to weak breathing.

Several researchers have also suggested that doing Yoga can alleviate, if not prevent, conditions like insomnia and high blood pressure. Proper breathing also allows for better oxygen absorption, which is crucial for anaerobic exercises. Overall, constant yoga practice can help you increase your body’s vitality and energy.

According to a study by the University of Waterloo, practising Yoga improves the brain’s executive functions. Practising Hatha Yoga for just half an hour a day can enhance habitual thinking patterns and even cognitive abilities.

Relieve Stress and Helps You Relax

Stress relief is one of the main benefits of Yoga for men. Many exercise routines, like weightlifting, usually require you to push beyond your limits even at the cost of stressing yourself. In contrast, Yoga focuses on helping you relax by balancing your mind and body so they can operate as one.

Yoga also breaks away from the “competitive” nature that most men have. Every yoga exercise focuses on your growth and does not require you to compare results anyone else’s. It allows you to reach your fitness goals at your own pace and in an environment which you are most comfortable.

Some studies even suggest that mindfulness-based interventions such as Yoga can yet ease burnout and other productivity issues. According to a study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these types of activities can also build mental resilience in the workplace.

Helps You Lose Body Weight

While Yoga is not as intense in burning those calories away, it helps in other vital areas of weight loss. Some stretch and pose target specific abdominal muscles and internal organs.

Thus, a healthy digestive system is one of the benefits of Yoga for men and women alike. It also alleviates several digestive problems such as gas, constipation and bloating. This improvement also allows you to better your diet and efficient absorption of essential nutrients.

One study by the Journal of Alternative Medicine found out the connection between Yoga and weight loss. A group of overweight subjects lost an average of four pounds in 10 days after doing breathing exercises and Yoga.

Improves Flexibility and Posture

Many yoga postures and stretches significantly extend the body’s movement. These are perfect for activities and sports that require constant motion and changing directions. Among the sports that benefit from running are running, cycling, swimming and basketball.

Even if you are not in sports, Yoga also helps you maintain good posture. Back pain, spinal misalignment and slouching are also among the conditions that can be improved by Yoga.

Yoga also improves flexibility as much as 35-percent in just eight weeks, according to a study by ACE Fitness. Additionally, Yoga builds your core strength which is essential for many types of movements.

Incorporating Yoga into your Muay Thai

There is more to Muay Thai than just training the power of your punches and leg strikes. The sport also demands balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. Pretty much all components of fitness and Yoga is a great way to improve the ones needed for Muay Thai.

Yoga also doesn’t require a lot of equipment – a simple yoga mat will suffice. Aside from raising your Muay Thai performance, Yoga can also benefit your mental fortitude and overall outlook on life. And if your training with us for more of a fitness holiday with the aim to shape up a bit and lose weight. Then you should join in our Yoga classes here in Khao Lak


The benefits of Yoga for men are almost endless. Aside from improving our physical and mental health, it also teaches its practitioners to be grounded and to enjoy life. And for that- we say Namaste!