Pad Holding Course

The Pad Holding Course at Rawai Muay Thai is aimed at people who already practice Thai boxing back home and maybe teach it as well. No matter your level, you can always benefit from our experienced trainers and improve your Thai Pad holding style. The course is 10 hours long with at least 2 trainers. In the end, you get to show off your skills in front of Tuk and our trainers by teaching students of different levels. If you pass, then we will give you a signed certificate with our gym logo on it. The course costs 10,000 baht and lasts 10 hours. Gary, who is the head trainer and owner of Extreme Muay Thai Gym in Australia, is the first person to successfully complete our course. Here is what he said about it.

So this is what I’ve been doing all month in Thailand, I’ve been doing an official trainers course. Yes, I started training/fighting Muay Thai back in 1994, but I wanted to do the official Rawai Muay Thai course. And I am the first ever to complete it, and it was a great experience. I trained with some great Masters of the art and gained so much knowledge from training tips, Thai language and technique, drills and of course many new friendships. I would highly recommend this course, doesn’t matter what your experience is, give it a go, you won’t regret it. In the photo are Muay Thai Masters Tuk, On and Soleh, all great trainers and a wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait to come over again in a few months. NEVER STOP LEARNING. This is an awesome place!

Gary King

Owner and Head Trainer, Extreme Muay Thai Gym

I enjoyed the course. After all of the Muay Thai training I’ve learned other the last 3 years and being on the other side of the pads for this course. It has been a truly amazing learning experience from Rawai Muay Thai.
Thank you again?

Jed Kirby

From UK, JMD Haulage

See great photos of Jed training here: World Squared

The pad holding course was a great experience. After 4 years of training, it was very interesting to learn the technique behind pad holding. The trainers were extremely effective at explaining how to correctly hold the pads and work with your student. I can’t recommend the course enough!

McKenzie Bailey

From Tennessee, USA, University of Tennessee

You can see some beautiful photos of McKenzie’s fight at World Squared. Andrew and Kristen have this lovely blog about their travels with amazing photos and videos. They spent a few months living in the camp and both did the fight training program.

I came out to train at Rawai Muay Thai after recommendations from friends, who have been visiting and training for a few years there. I decided to visit for 10 days and do the pad holding course along with some traditional Muay Thai Boran, which many camps do not offer. Having been training martial arts for over 20 years I wanted to learn more Thai boxing and how the Thais hold pads so efficiently. Having been training people in kick boxing for a few years I was not a beginner in holding pads. I can say that from the first session to the last I didn’t stop learning and improving my skills in both. The trainers are so knowledgeable and friendly regardless of your level. They all seem to have great passion and great personalities.

The trip was more than I could have hoped for. The facilities and environment are amazing. Away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket you can focus on training. With amazing restaurants nearby and a beach 5 mins away on moped it is an amazing place to have a break and engulf yourself in traditional Thai boxing. I met some great people there of all ages and backgrounds. You cannot describe what an amazing place this is to train and relax. I am missing being there already after returning to the UK a few days ago and already planning ahead to when I can next return.

Andreas Cambanellas

Pure Gym in Muswell Hill