Top 5 Gifts for Muay Thai Trainers

I recently wrote an article Gifts for a Personal Trainer and it reminded me of some awkward moments when students at Rawai Muay Thai wanted to thank the trainer for all their hard work and dedication. For some reason, Sang Som was the most common gift given, which was weird because Thais may like whiskey and Sang Som is a Thai whiskey, but they don’t actually like it per say. They drink it because it’s the cheapest and easiest to get, it’s not a nice whiskey and gives epic hangovers.

I remember those moments when the student would hand them the big black Sang Som box expecting the trainer to drop to his knees in tears of joy, but what they really got was an awkward “Ooooh… Sang Som… Okay… thank you” so I thought I would write an article to give you guys a better understanding of showing your appreciation to the trainers at the end of your Muay Thai Holiday. So, in no particular order here are my top 5 gifts ideas you can give your Muay Thai Trainer.

Muay Thai Gift #1 – Jonny Walker Black Label

Let’s be real, they do like to drink but not that horrible Sang Som. If you want to buy them a decent whiskey, then Jonny Walker Black Label is an excellent place to start. Don’t buy Sang Som, Blend, Hong Thong or any other of the cheap Whiskeys you find in 7/11. If you really want to thank them and put a smile on their face, get them the good stuff they couldn’t usually afford.

Muay Thai Gift #2 – Support Brace/Bandages

All Muay Thai trainers have old injuries from their fighting days that aggravate them from time to time. Look around the gym in the next training session and see how many have a knee, shin, ankle or wrist strap on. Most only have the cheap ones that lost their elasticity years ago. A kind and thoughtful present would be to buy them a new stronger bandage, one of those high-end branded support bandages. Buying them something like this will help, and they will remember you every time they put it on. (I did actually see a trainer tear up when getting this gift).

Muay Thai Gift #3 – Something from Your Country.

If you have some sort of cool and useful souvenir that’s something only from your country or area of the world, then that’s always a cool gift. If you don’t have one on you, maybe see if you can buy something typical of your country at the local Khaolak Market. It won’t be as genuine but fun none the less. But next time you come to train at Rawai Muay Thai, you can bring some gifts from home with you.

Muay Thai Gift #4 – Dinner with The Family 

A lot of the trainers have families, sometimes it’s not always about buying them something materialistic, but to invite them and their family out to a restaurant they would never usually go to. Somewhere unique, that has excellent Thai food, eating with your trainer and their Thai family is a great cultural experience for you and them. It’s also a great way to end your Muay Thai Holiday… until next time.

Muay Thai Gift #5 – Personal Touch.

Find out what they like to do and give them something related. I never met a Thai Trainer that didn’t like fishing or football. You can find out their favorite football team and buy them their favorite player’s jersey, they would love that. Or if they are into fishing, maybe buy them one of the best fishing rods you can get. That would be an awesome Muay Thai Gift. Some people like to give framed photos of themselves with their trainers, as a souvenir of their experience at the gym. Often the trainers will hang the photos in their home. It has not monetary value but it is personal and has sentimental value and makes them feel good.

What about straight-up cash?

Yea, you are probably wondering why this one isn’t in there. Well, it’s not a gift nor is it personal. When you train at Rawai Muay Thai it’s like one big family, you get to know your trainers well and the people around you. Sure, if you’re in a financial position to give them the cash, they would appreciate it a lot. But it’s like a tip, same way you tip your waitress at a restaurant. You show your appreciation for her hard work, but it doesn’t have that personal touch. The choice is entirely up to you; you won’t lose with any of these gift ideas for a Muay Thai Trainer that I have mentioned above.

Well I hope that helps you in closing the culture gap on your trip here in Thailand. You might also be interested in an article a wrote – Gifts for Weightlifters. Funnily enough after writing so many of these types of articles I found people are really stuck for ideas on what to buy each other.