Muay Thai Training for Weight Loss

Not everyone who comes to Rawai  Muay Thai wants to learn to fight. Most people who visit the gym, in fact, come for other reasons. A common reason is to improve your general fitness levels. Muay Thai classes certainly do that. They are packed with intense exercises that  keep your heart rate up. You might get out of breath at first, but with every class, you can do a bit more, until you can do the whole class without having to stop. 

A fun way to lose weight

Muay Thai classes are also a fun way to lose weight. Kicking pads doesn’t look that tiring but after 5 rounds, even the fittest people will feel the burn in their muscles. Muay Thai burns calories fast. The great thing about Muay Thai is that you are having fun while you are doing it. It is a social sport. And before you know it the class is done. Many of our guests comment on this. How they enjoy it more than working on machines. The social aspect of training with your teacher is addictive.  


Watch what you eat

If you want to lose weight, doing the daily Muay Thai training is only part of the equation. Focusing on your nutrition is another important part. The camp restaurant offers meal plans for our guests. The menu includes low fat and low carb items to help you lose weight. But you have to watch what you eat and consume. If you train hard the whole week, but then drink alcohol on the weekend, you are undoing all the hard work. Empty calories, like beer and junk food are counterproductive to your goals. You need to focus on eating a balanced diet. 

Do like the Thais

In summary, if you go to class and then keep a good diet, you will see results. Just look at our Thai fighters who live in the camp. They train hard and eat meals three times a day. Each meal includes steamed rice, veggies and meat or fish. They don’t eat candy or sodas. Just drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It’s hot in Thailand so you need to drink lots of water the whole day. All our fighters are lean and fit.

In summary, losing weight with Muay Thai is not rocket science. Just stick with the program and you will see results.   


muay thai training for weightloss

I’ve lost ~8 lbs in 2 weeks, while having an absolute blast. The trainers take Muay Thai seriously, but not themselves. My kind of people!

Tatiana Becker

Owner, NIAH Recruitment Services

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