Horse Riding in Khao Lak

For the horse lovers out there, Khao Lak offers the chance to live your dream by riding horses on the beach. There are two stables that offers this once in a lifetime opportunity. The first one is the South Arabian horse Club, which is located very close to Rawai Muay Thai Camp. Our friend Jo, a Khao Lak native, owns and operates the stabes. He teaches his guests all about horse riding and offers beach trails. For more information you can visit their website.      

The second ranch in the area is the Khaolak Horse Club, located 5 KM from Rawai Muay Thai camp, on the road to Chongfah Waterfall. Khun Ju, the owner of the club, has a beautiful horse ranch and offers horseback riding lessons and trails. You can ride the horses through the rubber tree plantations or at sunset on the beach! For more information and to make a booking visit their website.