Khao Lak Diving

The most popular activity by far, in Khao Lak, is diving and snorkeling. Tourists from all over the world flock to this small seaside town, during the high season months of October to May, in search of their dream trip to a tropical island. Most of them take part in day trips to the nearby Similian and Surin Islands. These beautiful islands offer world class dive sites, not to be missed. Looking to fill this demand, a bunch of companies have sprung up that offer quality tours to these fantastic islands. They offer day trips, live aboard trips, snorkeling and diving trips. To name just a few of the major diving agencies in Khao Lak: Sea Bees, Sea Dragon, Wicked Diving, Khao Lak Explorer, IQ-Dive, and Big Blue Diving.


Khao Lak Liveaboards

While more expensive than the day trips, the liveaboard trips are unforgettable. As heir name implies, you live on the boat for a few days or even weeks. Most of the liveaboard trips are scuba diving trips, so you need to be PADI certified to join. You can get your PADI certification in Khao Lak. All the mentioned companies offer diving courses and you can be open water certified in just 3 days.

Khao Lak Day Trips

Day trips usually leave from Thap Lamu pier in the South or from Nam Kem pier in the North. You leave in the morning and come back in the evening. Most companies will pick you up in your hotel and take you back at the end of the day. While they are cheaper than the longer trips, day trips might be less enjoyable as they tend to be with large groups and you feel a bit rushed. But if you have little time, then this is a good option to see some of the beautiful islands near Khao Lak. 


Khao Lak Snorkeling

If diving is not for you but you still want to experience the Andaman Sea then you can go on a snorkeling trip. The only company in Khao Lak that specializes in snorkeling trips is Poseidon. They have a boat that goes to the Surin Isands twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays). Unlike the other companies, Poseidon does not use speed boats, but rather large slower boats, which makes for a longer and enjoyable trip, with less gear and staff. You don’t need to be PADI certified. Anyone can do go. There are no limitations. For more information and to make booking visit their website.