Clean The Beach Boot Camp

Thailand’s Coolest Beach Clean Up

It’s no secret a lot of countries in South East Asia have an obsession with Single-Use Plastic which leads to a lot of Plastic Pollution in our Oceans. While travelling around Thailand please remember not to litter. You can do your part to help maintain the beauty of Thailand’s beaches by joining  Clean The Beach Boot Camp. The premise is simple: “First We Train… Then We Clean”. A free Beach Boot Camp is given by a professional Personal Trainer and in return for the free workout all participants grab some gloves and bags and start cleaning the beach. The founder, Krix Luther was once a long term fighter for Rawai Muay Thai, and his initiative has spread across Thailand, starting in 2013 on Phuket, then into KrabiKoh Samui and now Koh Phangan. So, if you feel like joining one of their boot camps whilst on your travels here in Thailand then you can visit their website: